Jason Edwards

Jason Edwards

Certified massage therapist

After so many years in the health sector, Jason Edwards feels a wind of change in his professional life and decides to put it on his own and founded Just Zen Sarls in 2017. Massage therapy is more than a job or a profession for him, it is a passion. He puts time, attention and all his heart into it. This father is a passionate and dynamic professional who is committed to providing personalized and quality service to his patients. He prioritizes a diversified approach (including different muscle therapies, exercise prescription, etc.) that can suit everyone. In addition, he keeps his knowledge up to date by following continuous training in order to always be at the best of his skills.

Jason offers you a global and personalized approach. We not only treat the cause of the problem, but we give you the tools to ensure that your problems and pains do not return. As it is very rewarding to see the positive that a massage can bring, as much for the client as for the massage therapist, Jason likes to work with all types of clients, young and old, sporty or sedentary.

About Me:

  • Experiences:

    Kinesio Taping, Réflexologie, Neuromusculaire, ATM, Fibromyalgie

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    54 rue de la Foret, L-1534 Luxembourg

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    Phone: +352691412266
    Email: info@just-zen.lu

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