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Move in respect with Servane

We very often lack exercise and we always forget that the well-being that comes with physical preparation is explained by a gain in vitality and health. The benefits of practicing sports activities are multiple in terms of physical and mental health, the consequences on quality of life and well-being are therefore important throughout life.

For our new colleague Servane, who offers magnetism and facial massage sessions, the practice of a sport preserves health and adds life to the years. Coming from a family of doctors and having spent most of her career in the pharmaceutical field, she has always evolved in an energy of caring and helping others.

This is why Servane offers classes that combine relaxation and muscular strengthening while respecting the joints. The moderate practice of a sport facilitates the lowering of blood triglycerides; in fact to effectively lower triglycerides.

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We don't always need to call a health professional if we can sometimes help ourselves for cheap.

Jason Edwards

Head of Department

The benefits of practicing sports on health are on the physical level and the thickness of the cartilage, as well as for the nutrition of the joints, but also mental. For this reason, after a warm-up (which is prior to the practice is essential to optimize this process), deep muscle strengthening and stretching. A relaxation session concludes the course.

You can order now your pack (commented video course + audio relaxation) for the 1st of next month. You will receive your link and password (personal and confidential) by email available 30 days.

Course of 20 min (soft) + relaxation 20 min : 18 € / month
40 min class + relaxation : 20 min : 25 € / month