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The SKINTAO facial massage is an innovative method that tones and plumps the entire face to reduce wrinkles, provide a lifting effect and promote a beautiful natural complexion while inducing deep relaxation and a real state of well-being. It is a treatment of excellence not only because of the results, but also because of the careful and refined preparation of its preparation to its completion.

It is a very fluid and harmonious facial massage that alternates dynamic techniques with smoothing and effleurage techniques combined with a dexterity of hand movements and a rapid execution of the fingers on the different parts of the face.

This very specific method combines different techniques of Japanese facial massage with innovative techniques of aesthetic facial massage. The SKINTAO facial massage reactivates dormant cell activity through manual skin stimulation similar to mechanical stimulation, in a pleasant and non-aggressive way.

It also offers

  • Magnetism

    Magnetism is an energy that everyone possesses. Sensitivity to this energy is more or less developed depending on the individual.

  • Sport well-being

    A class that mixes relaxation and muscular strengthening while respecting the joints.Via Messenger on Mondays at 11am and Wednesdays at 6pm

Features of facial treatments

The concept of this Anti-Aging Facial Massage is to provoke by specific manual techniques an influx of blood into the tissues and certain muscles of the face, which will allow a better oxygenation, the supply of essential nutrients to the cells, but also to ensure its function of evacuating the waste products accumulated in the tissues.

  • Fabric softening
  • Increased perspiration
  • Blood flow (functional hyperhemia)
  • Improvement of the blood
  • Improvement vascular system
  • Favouring desquamation
  • Maintenance of tissue elasticity
  • Fibrosis & Wrinkle prevention

Our Pricing & Plans

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    Discovery Massage (Time Dur: 35 Mins)

    Explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born will give complete.


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    Massage " Cocooning (Time Dur: 60 Mins)

    The great explorer of the truth, the master-builderf human happiness no rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure itself.


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    Boost Cure (Time Dur: 35 Mins)

    6 massages of 35 min spread over 3 weeks


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